David R. Russell

Professor of English
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011
(515) 294-4724 Fax: (515) 294-6814

Thanks for finding me. My research and teaching are in academic writing. I study (see below) writing in the academic disciplines, including computer-supported learning across the curriculum and portfolio assessment. I also study international writing instruction, and the history of writing instruction--all from the perspective of cultural-historical activity theory and genre systems theory. Recently I have been creating and researching online multi-media case studies as environments for writing to learn.

I teach in the ISU Ph.D. programs in Rhetoric and Professional Communication and Applied Lingistics and Technology, most recently Modern Rhetorical Theory and Teaching Writing Online. I am editor of Journal of Business and Technical Communication (JBTC). And I also do WAC/WiD/CAC consulting and workshops.

Résumé (complete, in pdf format)


Writing in the Academic Disciplines, 1870-1990: A Curricular History 2nd edition examines the history of American writing instruction outside of composition courses

Writing Selves/Writing Society. Edited by Charles Bazerman and David
Russell. A free online book on writing and activity.

Writing and Learning in Cross-National Perspective: Transitions from Secondary to Higher Education. Foster, David, and Russell, David, eds.

Landmarks Essays in Writing Across the Curriculum. Bazerman, Charles, and Russell, David, eds.

Selected Papers

Papers are all preprints unless indicated. Please check published version before citing.

Writing in the Academic Disciplines

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Computer-Supported Learning Across the Curriculum

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Portfolo Assessment

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International Writing Instruction

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